With the kind hospitality of: be Premium Bodrum

With the support of: APOLLO

From time immemorial, gold has been a symbol of success, sunshine, abundance and wealth. It is the only irreplaceable currency and a sign of power and prosperity. Woven into clothing, a base for jewelry or interlaced into facades and monuments – it is the measure of influence and lasting imprint in history.

In Eastern culture, gold is an indispensable part of tradition. That is why the splendor of the five-star resort in Aegean Turkey be Premium Bodrum is no surprise. Here almost everything shines in gold! The brilliance and luxury of this complex shocks its guests, taking them to another romantic era, making them feel like royalty in their palace of gold and silk, marble and velvet. For lovers of sophisticated luxury, this resort is like manna from heaven. And maybe, this is the idea of this fantastic resort, namely its guests to be privileged, to be premium!

Situated in the picaresque Torba Bay, be Premium Bodrum is designed to impress and amaze. The portal of the resort is again in gold, as if to remind that this place is really special. Walking along a long alley dotted with marble sculptures, beautiful color compositions, palm trees and retro lanterns, one anticipates the frontal collision with luxury. And he is not deceived – 60 kg of gold are used only for the decoration of the lobby, in carvings, statues and ornaments. A phenomenal crystal chandelier brings you to another dimension, that of princesses and ballrooms. From the reception you feel the difference in accommodation, as an online concierge is ‘appointed’ for you with whom you make a WhatsApp group, and he is available 24/7 with ideas, recommendations, instant reservations for one of the seven themed à la carte restaurants, assistance for excursions, taxis, rent-a-car and what not …

Once in the room/apartment/villa, the abundance of gold in the decoration again amazes the guests.  The other thing that makes you happy here is the space.  It is not spared here. The Deluxe room, for example, is 90 square meters, with a small wardrobe room, a beautiful marble bathroom, of course with gilding, a huge bedroom with built-in plasma TV, and the cherry on top of the cake – Jacuzzi in the middle of the room, of course again in gold. In our opinion, this is also the trademark of be Premium Bodrum – the golden bathtub, a symbol of luxury and privilege! The terraces amaze with their size, beautiful garden furniture and especially with the enchanting sea view in dramatic blue.

The terraced palace offers a 180-degree view, like form a fairy card, surpassing imagination. The highest point is the lobby and the parking lot. From there down the story begins – rooms and beautiful apartments with mini pools, small and large villas with golden elevators, a large split pool with a modern bar and Starbucks area, colorful fountains, swings and flower gardens, hanging from everywhere, create a feeling of peace and unreal bliss.

At the lowest point of the resort is the beach, with bamboo umbrellas, distance observed, a cool beach bar and restaurant, and again that blue sea you fall in love with at the first sight!

The brilliance and splendor, as if emerging from the Golden Age, remind you that life has another side in which you are the main character and deserve only the best. And right here in be Premium Bodrum you will get it, and in large doses!